Whether you are packaging 50 packs per day, or more than 5000, there is a Fill-Air® inflatable system to suit your needs.

Rapid FillŪ Automated Void Fill System
The fastest automated void fill solution available.

Fill-Air RF
The most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solution for a wide range of void fill applications. Available for on-line or portable applications.

Fill-Air NTS
Small enough to fit easily beside or behind any packaging workbench and can create enough Fill-AirŪ inflatable cushions to meet the demands of virtually any packaging operation.

Fill-Air Elite
Easy to use and versatile enough to fit into single or multiple workstations.

Fill-Air 1000
Free standing, mobile unit requires only minimal operator training.

Fill-Air 2000
Versatile system creates variable cushion sizes with speed and ease of use. Creates inflatable packaging on demand at a speed of up to 200 cushions per minute, making the system ideal for companies with a high volume packaging operation.

Simple Drop
Easy-to-use dispensing system provides multiple operators with an automated solution that mechanically transfers inflated cushions from any standard Fill-AirŪ system into an overhead bin.

The AutobinT system, used with the Fill-AirŪ 1000 inflatable packaging system, provides a continuous supply of Fill-AirŪ cushions.


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