Tomcat 200 Walk Behind Floor Burnisher

Tomcat 200 Walk Behind Floor Burnisher
The 200 UHS Pro-Gleam is a spectacular floor polishing machine with the ability to create such a high shine to even give the oldest concrete a mirror like shine! Use in correlation with our Diamabrush or SNAP! Concrete Polishing systems for even better results!

Tomcat Floor Burnishers bring propane quality shine and productivity to the battery field. The 200 Walk Behind Burnishers's tough construction, compact size and superior performance make it the floor burnisher of choice.

Dust control is a standard feature, which eliminates the need to dust mop the floor after floor buffing is complete. The dust collection bags are easily removed for disposal and extra bags can be stored on the machine.

The 200 has two different drive methods. One being a Pad-Assist version which eliminates almost all Operator need to push. The other is the Traction Drive unit. The 200-T has a powerful traction drive, which is totally sealed, all-gear and maintenance free. It makes driving the machine an enjoyable task and climbing ramps a breeze.

200 Battery-Powered Walk Behind Floor Burnisher Specs:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 44" x 24" x 40"
  • Weight: 602 lbs.
  • Pad Diameter: (1) 20"
  • Cleaning Width: 20"
  • Cleaning Rate (sq. ft/hr): 24,421