Tomcat Model 255 UHS Rider Burnisher

Create a high shine on your old floors with our Ultra High Speed Burnishers. Tomcat Burnishers can polish the floor material itself or place a shine on a topical floor finish.

Now you can have a Rider Burnisher that is actually SMALLER than most walk behinds on the market. The Tomcat 255 Micro Ride-on has double the battery of the walk behinds and 35% wider burnishing path. The 255-XL boasts a 27 inch path and can be equipped to run over 4 hours on a single charge, which is enough to polish over 140,000 square feet.

Like all Tomcat Floor Burnishers, the 255 is quiet, fume-free, and can eliminate the problems associated with propane equipment. Dust control is standard, along with a comfortable operator's position.

The Pad Pressure is variable, and our flexible pad driver combined with the floating head design delivers a superior finish. Both ride-on utilize our unique pad drive design which maintains the pad's rpm over uneven floors, and travel speed automatically slows down when polishing.