About Us

The Leader in Packaging, Janitorial and Safety Supplies and Equipment

In 1968 Tom Field Sr. had one goal in mind. Create a progressive Packaging Company that focuses on meeting the many needs of its customers.

After graduating from Seton Hall University in 1992, Thomas Field Jr. joined the company. His commitment to excellence and uncompromising dedication to improvement continues to move the company forward. That dedication has earned him numerous awards and accolades.

In 2006 Gerald Eichen joined the team. Together with Thomas, his 30+ years of experience has helped develop an industry best Equipment Program and sales team.

As our many satisfied customers have come to know, Tomar Industries offers not only products but services on which you can depend, but also a convenient, cost-effective partnership that will help your business succeed.

We are proud to be members in good standing of major trade organizations such as the International Sanitary Supplies Association (ISSA) and the National Paper Trade Association (NPTA). We also are affiliated with The United Group (TUG).

Internally, we vigorously promote a climate of ethical business practice, facilitated by our longstanding commitment to the tenets of Total Quality Management. These values are reflected daily in how we treat our suppliers, our clients, and our employees.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what Tomar Industries has to offer, please feel free to call us at (732) 780-2200.