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Sustainable Packaging and Cushioning Supplies

Tomar Industries is dedicated to helping your business lessen its environmental impact with advanced packaging and cushioning solutions that meet your sustainability objectives without sacrificing efficiency or profit.

We offer a broad portfolio of custom packaging solutions and application expertise to help you implement packaging that delivers sustainability and performance.

How We’re Packaging a More Sustainable Future

What sustainability means varies among businesses—from core values and production shifts to reducing waste and improving efficiency. Whatever your definition, we offer customized supplies and equipment that align with your goals and initiatives.

Extensive Network

Leverage our vast supplier network and packaging expertise.

Sustainable Solutions

Deliver supplies and equipment that reduce waste and save resources.

Competitive Edge

Capitalize on the best packaging practices without sacrificing profitability.

We help companies infuse sustainability into every aspect of their packaging processes, enabling them to unlock new opportunities for value and fulfill their core principles.

Our Sustainable Offerings

Machine Stretch Wraps


High-performing film biodegrades into nontoxic, microorganism food without leaving microplastics after two years in any environment. Mirrors other films in function but bio-assimilates in terrestrial, aquatic, or anaerobic conditions.

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Loose Fill


Starch-based, certified compostable loose fill offers an economical, environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based products, decomposing in industrial compost facilities without leaving harmful residues or polluting groundwater.

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Paper Starter Set

AirWave nano3

State-of-the-art air cushion machine includes two rolls of eco-friendly PaperWave film, made from 100% recycled paper and compostable in nature. Set provides a sustainable packaging solution by opting for paper-based materials over conventional plastics.

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Geami® WrapPak® HV

Electrically operated machine quickly transforms die-cut kraft paper into a protective 3D honeycomb structure, boosting wrapping speed and efficiency. System uses die-cut paper and a tissue interleaf for secure wrapping without adhesive tape and easily fits into any packing station to better protect items.

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PadPak Guardian®

Compact, high-speed solution delivers the highest yield per foot at the fastest speed, minimizing material, time and labor. Designed for light to heavy cushioning, the unit fits in-line or within tight packing stations with single and double-ply paper options for superior shipment protection.

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Inflatable Air Pillows


Air pillows featuring 95% and 50% recycled materials provide effective solutions for filling voids and are fully compatible with the universal inflation system of the BUBBLE WRAP® brand. The pillows are made from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled content and can be recycled at more than 18,000 retail store drop-off points across the country.

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Void Fill Paper

Ranpak GreenLine®

Eco-friendly void fill solution made from 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled paper. Fully biodegradable, the thick, durable paper solution is soft to the touch and provides efficient product protection for e-commerce and industrial packaging. Suitable for high-volume operations, the solution offers lower TCO than alternatives and diverts 1,200 pounds of waste from landfills.

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