Many different styles of Tomcat 20" & 27" high speed, Battery-Powered, Floor Burnishers are available. Listed below are some examples of the Walk Behind and Rider Floor Burnishers we manufacture to your specifications.

Available Products:

The 200 UHS Pro-Gleam is a spectacular floor polishing machine with the ability to create such a high shine to even give the oldest concrete a mirror like shine! Use in correlation with our Diamabrush or SNAP! Concrete Polishing systems for even better results!
Create a high shine on your old floors with our Ultra High Speed Burnishers. Tomcat Burnishers can polish the floor material itself or place a shine on a topical floor finish.
This floor burnisher is very popular in commercial stores because of hard, high-gloss shine it produces on a variety of surfaces due to the unique burnishing head and flexible pad design.
Balanced for best results and precise burnishing control.