From smaller areas in distribution centers and sports arenas to small manufacturing floors, the Niflsk Advance SC500 Walk-Behind Scrubbers usher in a new wave of productivity in the places where cleaning professionals need it most. With a modern design engineered to provide better control and improved sightlines, this compact 20 inch and 12 gallon disc scrubber cleans both effectively and quietly. Already one of the  quietest compact scrubbers, the SC500 has a quiet mode for daytime cleaning environments.

Efficiency Revitalized

With a revolutionary flow regulation system that adjusts the solution output based on the speed of the machine, SC500 ensures consistent clearing results using less water and chemical while improving productivity per tank. Combine that with the exclusive EcoFlex system-which allows for variable detergent (including-ultra-low) or water-only cleaning-and the SC500 in in a category of its own when it comes to sustainability and efficient cleaning.


Nilfisk SC500 Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Niflsk SC500 Walk-Behind Scrubbers ushers in a new wave of productivity in the place where cleaning professionals need it most.

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