One-piece welded framework and heavy-duty case lift; Product conveyors featuring AC variable speed frequency drive controls; Simple brake and gate case control; Powered case discharge propels full case off the lift; Soft drop, reverse flow valve cushions lift on up and down stroke; Quick changeovers (approx. 10 Minutes); Quick-clamp product lane guides; Single point case feed adjustment; Modular change parts (packing heads); Full guarding with safety interlocks. Available with stainless steel framework, NEMA 4 compliant washdown components, intrinsically safe electrical package for hazardous environments, multi-lane diverter (for non-round products), soft-pack lowerator for heavy products, dual case pack capability, multiple layer packing, and flap control for reshipper cases

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Case Packing

Combi© DPI

Features a simple brake and gate system for case indexing with no wear parts for maximum uptime. An innovative powered case discharge prevents case-to-case contact after the product is packed. Four points of contact on the case lift and soft drop technology support and cushion cases on the up and down stroke.

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The Alphapack is a new productivity solution for pick and place case packing. This system features a case erector, yielding the smallest footprint in the industry while accommodating the widest range of case sizes and pack patterns

Combi© DP

A convenient walk-in case magazine and case erector are built into the strongest frame and the smallest footprint in the industry. simple and fast setup and changeovers, featuring modular, slide-in packing heads and quick-clamp product lane guides.