Score with consumers and the environment with compostable air cushion protection

A basic problem in the mail-order industry is packaging waste. The new bio air cushions from AIRWAVE provide a sustainable solution for this, as it can be used to produce 100% compostable packaging materials and packed into shipping parcels. And there’s more: The bio-film is a sustainable packaging which is made from regrowing raw materials. Potato starch is an important component here for the environment and ensures that future generations are not unnecessarily burdened with plastic waste.

Problem identified – and banished to the compost bin

The new bio-bubble wrap PlantWave from AIRWAVE can be easily composted in a compost bin and thus disposed of cleanly. End consumers will appreciate this as there is definitely no packaging waste for internet shopping deliveries, which cause rubbish bins to overflow. Online retailers can also score with their customers in terms of environmental awareness. For example, the consumer only has to crumple the packaging and throw the film into the compost bin. Disposal could not be easier or more environmentally friendly.

Raw materials free of genetic engineering for biological harmlessness

GMO stands for "genetically modified organism". Biofilm by AIRWAVE is GMO-free and therefore does not contain any genetically modified organisms or parts thereof, vitamins, enzymes or flavours that have been produced with the help of genetic engineering.

Regrowing raw materials for growing areas of use

AIRWAVES's sales figures prove it: The trend towards bio transport protection is unstoppable. It is mainly smaller online retailers who differentiate themselves using the bio-film and positively influence the shopping experience for the customer. The "near-natural bio-industry" is no longer the only sector to use bio-film. Medications, animal needs, bags, cosmetics, textiles and many classes of products are increasingly protected and shipped in bio-packaging. In addition, of course, food feels particularly good between the bio-film when shipped. Everything resulting from the idea of Fair Trade is predestined for biodegradable bio-film. But even accrylic nails, bicycle bells or sat-navs arriving are better accepted by the consumer if the packaging material in the parcels is "green".


AirWave PlantWave

PlantWave® from AIRWAVE provide a sustainable solution for this, as it can be used to produce 100% compostable packaging materials and packed into shipping parcels.

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