Tabletop and floor models available; options fo molding wheel, vertical molding station, cushion molding system and pad molder.

Instapak Foam-in-Place

SpeedyPacker Insight

A versatile Foam-in-Bag solution that is perfect for busy "pick and pack" operations and distribution centers. Since instapak® foam expands up to 280 times its liquid volume, the SpeedyPacker InsightT system frees up valuable warehouse space. The equivalent of a trailer load of packaging materials can be stored in two 55-gallon drums.

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Instapacker Tabletop

This low-cost, foam-in-bag system reduces material and labor costs. A simplified touch-key control panel virtually eliminates the operator’s learning curve. Small, innovative design saves valuable workspace. Instapak® high-performance packaging foam is designed to protect your products during shipping, warehousing and general handling.