Conflex Eastey Shanklin

High-Speed Automatic Wrappers

Conflex E-250

The E 250 automatic L bar sealer is as easy to understand as any machine in your plant. Perfect for the novice shrink wrap user who are ready to jump up to an automatic L bar sealer. If have someone standing next to a manual L bar sealer all day it is time you do them and yourself a favor and jump up to an E 250 automatic L bar sealer.

Conflex FUSION

The industry standard in entry level side seal shrink wrappers. The combination of value price and multitude of options make the FUSION a nice fit for most shrink packaging machinery applications.

Shanklin® H-Series HS-2/HS-4

Ruggedly built Shanklin HS-2 and HS-4 wrappers are our overlap-sealing models that combine high speed and smooth product travel with quick and easy size change for the ultimate packaging performance!

Shanklin® H-Series HS-1/HS-3

Shanklin was the first to offer the advantage of side-seal capability in a high-speed wrapper back in 1976… and today, that innovative design is the definitive industry standard for top-quality side-sealers!

Shanklin® Hy-Speed Servo SS DA

High-speed, automatic wrapper Engineered for smooth operation.