Sigma Supreme is a premium grade film extruded with special orientation for a stronger film at thinner gauges. Rolls are lightweight and easy to use, minimizing fatigue during application. As with all of our blown film products, Supreme has incredible load holding force to get your products to their destination safely.

Hand Stretch Wraps

Sigma Supreme

Lightweight, Premium Blown Hand Film.

More Hand Stretch Wraps

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Sigma Classic

Performance Blown Hand Film.


Thin. Yet Strong.

Sigma Extended Core

Premium Cast Film Hand Application System

ADW Hand Film

The Berry ADW Series is an exceptional two-sided cling, cost-effective multipurpose conventional cast hand warp. It unwinds quietly and easily form the roll.

Fortitude Hybrid Hand Film

Engineered to provide the ultimate in pallet wrapping total cost savings for your most difficult hand wrapping applications. Fortitude hand wrap also provides increased wrapper productivity and film yield, while helping to reduce shipping damage.

HWX Conventional Hand Films

Economical and versatile conventional blown hand wrap.


Vanish is a state-of-the-art stretch film designed to bio-assimilate beginning 2 years after production. Bio-assimilation is the process of turning something (stretch film), Into a renewable material-a food source for a multitude of micro-organisms. And the amazing part is that the total bio-assimilation process does not require any special conditions such as oxygen or sunlight.