Features & Benefits

  • Cold environment, medium duty packaging tape
  • Instant, permanent bond in subfreezing temperatures
  • Special release coating for consistent, low force unwind off the roll
  • Performs reliably to the core for efficient tape consumption
  • Also available with Standard Messaging: "Keep Frozen" & "Keep Refrigerated" (See HP 240 or contact your Shurtape Sales Representative for more details)
  • Available in 2” & 3” x 110Yds



  • Backing: 30 micron cast biaxially oriented polypropylene film
  • Adhesive: Synthetic rubber/resin hot melt adhesive
  • Liner: NA

Properties & Technical Data

Property Standard Metric
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 30 oz/in width 3.28 N/10 mm
Application Temperature Range 20°F to 75°F -7°C to 24°C
Elongation 150% 150%
Holding Power to Fiberboard 10,000 minutes 10,000 minutes
Service Temperature Range -20°F to 100°F -29°C to 38°C
Tensile Strength - Longitudinal Direction 27 lbs/in width 47.3 N/10 mm
Tensile Strength - Transverse Direction 44 lbs/in width 77.1 N/10 mm
Thickness 1.9 mils 0.048 mm
Hand Tape

ShurTape HP 232

Cold environment, production grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing medium-weight cartons in cold temperature environments, such as food processing and packaging facilities, as well as in cold weather moving/storage and unheated warehouses in cold climates. Engineered to deliver an instant, permanent bond to cartons, HP 232® is recommended for use in manual and automated industrial carton sealing applications in subfreezing temperatures ranging from 20°F to 75°F.

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ShurTape HP 235

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