Combi Case Erectors

Case erectors are the core product in the Combi line. They build an erector for every conceivable application, from extra small to extra tall with a wide range of speed capabilities. Tomar Industries features the Combi CE-10 and Combi Ergopack.

Available Products:

Combi Packaging System's side belt drive case erecting machines form and bottom seal cases at speeds up to 15 cases per minute.

The Combi Packaging System side belt-drive case erector can form and bottom seal cases at speeds up to 30 cases per minute.
The 2-EZ® XL series case erecting equipment is a no-compromise solution for erecting and bottom sealing large cases.
The Combi CE-10 is an automatic carton sealer system that erects and bottom seals corrugated cases at speeds from 500 to 720 cases per hour.
The innovative Combi Ergopack® has raised the standard for handpacking productivity.
Increased global competition is driving leaner operations in today's manufacturing facilities.