Palletizer model groups share common functional modules and frame systems to provide comprehensive palletizer solutions. Shared modules maximize layout flexibility while reducing cost through increased manufacturing and machine controls efficiencies. Modular engineering means quality control and complete flexibility in the configuration of machine components. No customization is required. The orientation of induction and load exit meet your exact requirements.



TopTier palletizers combine the most recent advances in machine control technology with an intuitive interface HMI and EasyStack pattern programming software.



Safety has been integrated into every aspect of our low-level palletizer design to meet all industry standards utilizing a category 3 safety cage frame design with light curtain protection of load exit, redundant hoist fall protection, and controlled door entrance protocols.

Rates 1-3 layers per minute
Products Case, tray, trayless, open top, lidded, overwrapped or unwrapped, bundles, nested, display pack
Infeed Low
Load Capacity  
Infeed Height 23" to 60"
Minimum Case Dimension 4.5"
Maximum Case Dimension 29"
Maximum Case Height 18"
Minimum Layer Dimension 38"
Maximum Layer Dimension 50"
Standard Layer Weight 300lbs
Standard Load Height 60" or 72"
Machine Structure  
Minimum Footprint 162" x 115"
Typical Footprint 233" x 155"
Film Delivery System  
FDS Concurrent stretch wrapping available (Option)
Operator Interface  
PLC The controls architecture is based on an Allen Bradley PLC running universal PLC and HMI code modules. The PLC and HMI code is compiled for the specific palletizer configuration from the universal code. The use of modified and custom code does not apply.
HMI Operations interface is provided by a color touchscreen panel running AB Factory Talk HMI. HMI screens provide intuitive interface to the palletizer for all needed operations. HMI screens are designed for simple yet comprehensive access to palletizer functionality including automatic and manual operations, pattern selection and programming, back-up, recovery operations, safety status, and maintenance logs.
Utility Requirements Electrical, Air
Safety Features  
Category 3 Pld Standard Safety cage frame design with light curtain protection of load exit, redundant hoist fall protection, and controlled door entrance protocols.

TopTier Low Infeed

These low-level palletizers work with existing floor-level conveyors.

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