The T-9 is particularly effective for low-profile, wide product and/or bulky product. With two models and a variety of capacity dimensions to choose from, there’s a Shanklin T-8 or T-9 perfect for your application.

  • Expanded Capacity—Produces superior shrinks on large and high profile packages.
  • Versatile—Designed especially for sleevewrapped packages and large L-Sealed packages.
  • Rugged—Built to last; stainless steel mesh conveyor belt standard.
  • Multiple Options—Two large capacity models available in varying tunnel heights and widths to best meet your unique shrinking needs.

Partner your T-9 Shanklin Shrink Tunnel with a Shanklin A-28A Automatic L-Sealer for a complete, dependable, quality shrink packaging solution.

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Shrink Tunnels

Shanklin® Model T-9

Shanklin T-8/T-9 Large Capacity Shrink Tunnels are specially designed for packages too large or wide to fit through our Shanklin T-7 Series tunnels.

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Shanklin® Model T-6H/T-6HC

The Shanklin Model T-6H Shrink Tunnel is similar to our Model T-6XL, except that the opening height is 3" higher (10") to accommodate higher profile packages.

Shanklin® Model T-71/T-81

High speed wrappers present multiple shrink challenges. Shrinking high volume, heat absorptive surfaces and/or irregular shaped packages is what the Shanklin T-71/T-81 Shrink Tunnel has been designed to perform with ease.

Shanklin® Model T-62/T-72H

The Shanklin Model T-62/T-72H Shrink Tunnel is designed for maximum performance with high speed wrappers, solving a multitude of persistent wrapping challenges.

Conflex V48

A perfect mate for the FUSION Series Side Sealers as they match package sizes perfectly. The V48 shrink tunnel by Conflex is a super efficient heat tunnel. Conflex keeps the heat where is belongs.. in the chamber with the shrink package. A unique archimedian airflow design allows for superior shrink wrapped packages at much lower shrink temperatures and airflow. Efficiency and