Cryovac InterTape

Shrink Wrap

Tomar Industries has the right Shrink Wrap for the most demanding applications. Every gauge, every width, Centerfold, single wound, perforated, and non perforated. For use in semi-automatic and high speed equipment…….Just ask us, we have it, and at the right price.

Cryovac CT-300 Series

High-performance shrink film with better performance versus significantly thicker materials, with strength for the broadest array of applications.

Cryovac D-940

Allows you to package soft goods without buckling and distortion.

ExlfilmPlus® GPL

Crystal-clear high-performance shrink film provides an alternative to heavier gauge films without sacrificing performance and protection. Film is lightweight, yet processes well in high speed production settings and on a wide variety of equipment and sealing systems.

ExlfilmPlus® GPS

This fast-sealing film allows for short dwell times that maximize production and increase plant efficiency. Your product is protected from the rigors of high-speed packaging and shipping by consistently strong seals and exceptional tensile strength.

ExlfilmPlus® SHIELD

ExlfilmPlus® Shield is an opaque polyolefin shrink film designed to conceal the contents of wrapped products.