Sigma Berry Plastics

Machine Stretch Wraps


Extremely Versatile High Performance Cast Film


Max film for exceptional heavy pallet containment


Ultra High Performance Machine Films

Sigma Summit

Sigma Summit ultra-performance, one-side cling film performs at its peak on high speed equipment.

Sigma Select

Sigma Select is an engineered cast film and the workhorse in our machine film product portfolio and ideal for most applications.

Sigma Evolve

Evolve is the most advanced film we have EVER Engineered. Produced with the latest proprietary resin blends, on the first extrusion line of its type in North America.

Sigma Magnum Cast

Premium Cast Machine Designed for High Stretch Applications.


Vanish is a state-of-the-art stretch film designed to bio-assimilate beginning 2 years after production. Bio-assimilation is the process of turning something (stretch film), Into a renewable material-a food source for a multitude of micro-organisms. And the amazing part is that the total bio-assimilation process does not require any special conditions such as oxygen or sunlight.


Ultra High-Performance Machine Films